The Field Beneath – our allotment last year

‘Creativity is intelligence having fun’

Albert Einstein

Escape the commercialism of Christmas and enjoy the fantasy world of The Gingerbread City 2022

The Berber Biscuit Bazaar- this year’s desert plot

In 2021 Smart Rewilding created The Field Beneath. This year Chiddingfold Creatives are proud to be constructing The Berber Biscuit Bazaar.

Follow our progress as we develop the concept, source the materials and build the plot.

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  • Listed at last.
    Rather brilliantly this year the Gingerbread City has a website that lists all the practices taking part with a description of their plot. Less brilliantly, despite lots of chasing, it’s…More
  • Landscaping error!
    I still haven’t been myself but the Chief Model Maker went on Wednesday and pointed out my landscaping error: I was keen to include plenty of trees as I felt…More
  • Tickets selling fast
    Many sessions are already Sold Out so don’t leave it too late to get your tickets. TICKETS AVAILABLE HEREMore
  • The big reveal
    It’s been open to the public since Saturday so no further secrecy required. We’re in the middle level above the train line so I couldn’t resist making a little railway…More
  • It’s finished but how do we get it to London?
    Just as I was giving up I find the perfect container. And so it’s off on the train to London and bus to Knightsbridge.More
  • Finalising the details
    We need some market produce which we’ve faithfully reproduced with hula hoop spice pots and pistachio vegetable containers. We were asked to include animals, so I’ve made some breakfast sheep.…More
  • And so construction begins
    Quite daunting to think our market has to fit this whole board But Hugo’s already decided to start on the abandoned ancient ruins which he wants to develop into a…More
  • Preparing our materials
    Quite easy to find desert materials: for brown there are plenty of spices and pulses. For green I’ve got my own supply of dried mint, seaweed, bay leaves and rosemary.…More
  • The Berber Biscuit Bazaar
    Our plot’s original name was Marshmallow Fluff Market Square but we’ve renamed it, better to reflect its desert origins. We’ve done lots of research and wonder why bazaars are always…More
  • Gingerbread City 2022
    Having enjoyed it so much last year we’re participating again. This time the theme is different climate zones – how they affect local design, given the environmental needs and availability…More