Landscaping error!

I still haven’t been myself but the Chief Model Maker went on Wednesday and pointed out my landscaping error: I was keen to include plenty of trees as I felt our brief required provision of lots of shady spots and greenery but I now recognise I didn’t sufficiently consider the location of our plot.

It’s up on the middle level, so is only visible from the side rather than from above. So the trees I landscaped around the water feature annoyingly block the view of the elements behind it. Cross with myself as all the details of the colonnade and beautiful well are obscured, as are the carts, stalls and my carefully constructed bug-eyed sheep.

The error in horrible close-up! I should have realised when I still had time to correct it.

Oh well, a lesson for next time.

So it just needs an intrepid soul to view it from within the dome.


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